Monday, August 19, 2019

Stanhope from Journeys End by RC Sheriff Essay -- Journeys End Hero

Stanhope from Journey's End Stanhope provides the most obvious candidate for the accolade of â€Å"hero† in Journey’s End: R.C.Sherriff has included many themes in Journey’s End; a play portraying the reality of trench warfare. Some of these include Comradeship, The horrors of war, Heroism and Relationships. My essay will be focusing mainly on the theme of heroism. The audience relate the word â€Å"hero† with mainly one character in the play. But the word hero has many positive connotations. A hero could be a person who â€Å"saves the day† or is a hero in somebody else’s eyes or maybe even his personality and how he interacts with other characters could also give him the status of being a hero. There are many aspects of Stanhope which rightfully award him the status of being a hero. The audience is first introduced to the possibility of Stanhope being a hero when we first meet Raleigh. A keen and un-experienced officer, Raleigh forces himself into Stanhope’s battalion. Stanhope was Raleigh’s hero ever since high school, and when he joins the company he expects to some e...

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